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The Orlando Premiere Hair Show
The Orlando Premiere Hair Show

Once a year, a bunch of artistic, beautiful people get together in one convention room to share new ideas, learn techniques, and get the best equipment/products to bring back to the salon. This year, like most every other, the Sorelli team will be in attendance, and we are bringing YOU with us!

The Orlando Hair Show is rather difficult to describe. As soon as you open the doors to the convention, it’s immediate, beautiful, chaos. Their are hundreds of booths, big-name hair companies like Redken, Unite, and Moroccan Oil have stages showing off their work, and the models roaming the floor look like something out of a fashion magazine.  

Not only is this a good time to stock up on our favorite products, but it’s the best place to learn. Business classes, color classes, product knowledge classes, you name it. Continuing education is a big part of the beauty industry. Each show something new is being brought to the floor, and we have to adapt to it. With the technology world going crazy right now, the beauty industry is fast at its heels.

If you missed any of our live streams from the show, have no fear, we are summing it all up for you.  

Along with the continuing education we received from Peter Coppola, Paul Mitchell, and Redken, we also snagged some great products!

New Halocouture Extensions! Many of you already know and love Halo, but for those of you who know nothing about this line, Halo is an extension company with no commitment. This hairpiece is secured to your head with a thin clear wire, that fits your head like a halo.  Now, the brand has expanded to The Fall, and Ponytail extensions.

The Fall is placed at the crown of the head, used mostly to conceal thin hair or roots. This piece attaches with four comfortable coated clips for easy application. The Ponytail extension is placed around your natural ponytail, and with a piece of hair from the extension to wrap around the base to conceal the band. All three extension pieces will leave you with full, longer hair without anyone knowing. The best part is, it goes on in minutes and can be taken out at home.

halo fall halo halo pony

Know the difference between professional and drug store. This weekend we learned the difference between Wet Brushes you buy in a salon, and those you buy at a drug store. The Wet Brushes you are buying from CVS or Walmart are plastic, and that’s the reason the price is less. But the professional brushes are made to withstand the use of stylists, making them last longer and made of better materials. So next time you go out to buy yet another Wet Brush from Walmart, you could be buying professional and buying less.

wet brush
Last but not least, the newest in automatic curling irons, The Spin Style Pro! With a touch of a button, the patent pending curling device instantly and automatically catches and curls hair- transforming straight locks into tangle-free curls in seconds. Don’t believe us? Come in a play with it for yourself! We will have a mannequin head and a sample iron at the front desk for clients to watch and perform the magic themselves!


With this years show coming to a close, we are grateful for the continuing education and new toys! The staff can’t wait till next year!

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