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Unwind with result-driven, sustainable skincare treatments provided by our expert estheticians.


The Refresher Facial $48 

Ideal for those with a busy schedule. Includes a cleanse, tone, treatment and finishes with sun protection. 

Swept Away Signature Facial $85 

This ultimate relaxation facial includes a cleanse, tone, masque, hot towels, and a shoulder and scalp massage. Great for all skin types. 

The Joy of Beauty Facial  $125 

Treat your skin to the care it deserves. A bespoke power-packed facial designed especially for our skin;’s needs, whether it be age protection, hydration, purification or soothing. Using all Comfort Zone Skincare 

Image O2 Lift Facial $125

Revolutionary treatment to exfoliate, illuminate, and oxygenate skin. Using oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides and specially concentrated enzymatic botanicals. This anti-aging, luxurious spa treatment produces gorgeous luminous skin that feels as healthy as it is radiant. 


Signature HydraFacial $199 

This express treatment will help boost hydration, refresh dull skin and protect against environmental factors, leaving your skin looking radiant. Suitable for all skin types & concerns. 

Deluxe Hydrafacial $250 

This treatment is an elevated version of the Signature HydraFacial that involves cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating treatment with added LED light therapy & a booster to target your skins concerns. 

Platinum Hydrafacial $325 

The Ultimate Hydrafacial. 80 minutes of bliss that begins with a detoxification process, lymphatic drainage. Enjoy a special booster, LED light therapy, and extended arm and shoulder massage. 

KeraVive $499 

The first-of-its-kind scalp facial using HydraFacial patented suction technology to boost scalp health and natural hair growth. 


Microneedling from $99 

FDA approved collagen induction treatment. Stimulates significant collagen production for smoother, firmer, healthier, and more youthful looking skin. No down time and no side effects. 


with facial treatment $129 

without facial treatment $60 

Treatment that uses a blade to exfoliate the dead skin and remove the small hairs on the face peach fuzz. This procedure is safe for most skin types, helps to penetrate the skin better and leaves the skin with a glowing appearance. 

Ultra Glow Peel $75 

Brightening, tone-correcting peel to treat dullness, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. Immediate radiance and glow with an even complexion and improvement of dark spots. 

Super Peel $125

An intensive double peel which can be customized according to skin condition, from the most delicate to the most resistant, visible reduction of expression lines and wrinkles and exceptional smoothness. 

Pro-Lift Peel $125 

Firming and natural filler-effect facial thanks to the synergy of a replumping peel-off mask & Kobido techniques to restore fullness and tone. 


Glow Peel Add On $40 

Quick boost of AHAs with double peel method for instant glow and vitality

Peel Off Mask Add on $40 

An innovative, intensive treatment. Choose from replumping, soothing, or purifying.

High Frequency $10 

A technique that utilizes targeted thermal energy to treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, cellulite, and under eye circles 

Gua Sha $20 

Gua Sha is a flat tool, made of semi-precious stone, that is used to massage the face. It’s an ancient Chinese massage technique that detoxifies and lifts skin by increasing lymphatic flow and toning facial muscles 

Lymphatic Therapy $25 

Utilizing the HydraFacial machine, this treatment removes toxic buildup to reveal healthy looking skin, decrease inflammation, and optimize skin health. 

Lip Perk and/or Eye Perk $50 

From the team at HydraFacial, this treatment uses patented, roller-flex technology to specifically exfoliate, hydrate, and plump the lip and eye area.

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