Sorelli Hair Studio

We’ve all seen it…. bad brows. Eyebrows can make or break our overall look. Thinning, balding, sparse, and light brows are all issues that make us want to fill our brows in an effort to have beautiful brows. Makeup is a great solution, but it’s also time consuming and difficult to do over and over on a daily basis.

Microblading Magic

Microblading is a type of cosmetic tattoo for the eyebrows where pigment is inserted into the skin in hair-like strokes. The results are beautiful, natural-looking brows. The color is custom blended for each client to match existing hair or to compliment the client’s complexion. Rest assured that your brows won’t be too dark, too light, or fake looking!

So if you’re ready to wake up with gorgeous brows every day, call us to make an appointment with Lauren, our Microblading Specialist! Have questions? Lauren is always Microblading Magichappy to

answer any questions you may have!


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