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After 18 years of having long hair, I did it. I cut off my beautiful long locks. Now, 6 weeks after the “big cut”, how I’m doing, and how much I love it.

June 4th, 2016. The Orlando Premiere Hair Show. 11 am at the Sexy Hair Stage. I got my hair cut at Sorelli Hair Salon in Melbourne FL.

When I told people that I was planning to cut my hair, a look of sheer terror came over them. And whether they meant to or not, let out an expression like “Oh my God why would you ever do that” or “But your hair is so pretty!”  I would just smile and shrug them off. But the truth is, I was ready for a change.

My whole life, all 18 years, I had long hair. With college just two months away, I wanted to shed my childhood and get ready for my new chapter. Like Coco Chanel said “ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” A change I’m about to do. Leaving my closest family and friends for the Big Apple.

So when I got a phone call about modeling for the Orlando Hair Show, I jumped at the opportunity for multiple reasons. One, I would get paid. And two, I would not be able chicken out in the chair.

6 weeks later. Do I regret my decision? No Way. With my new shoulder-length hair, I can do so much more!I rock the new top knot half up style, I curl it more often because it doesn’t take me hours to do, and I wear it naturally more often than not. Not taking a hot tool to my hair everyday allows for minimal damaging, and lets my hair breathe. 

If your thinking about changing up you look, I highly encourage it. Change is good. You don’t have to go to as extreme as I did, but a new haircut can make you feel like a new person.

If you do decided to cut it, not only will you be rocking a new you, someone else can really benefit. There are so many companies that take your hair and make wigs for cancer patients. Pantene has a program called “Beautiful Lengths”, which give free, real-hair wigs to women battling cancer. You can feel good that all that beautiful hair won’t end up in the trash can, instead it will be a sign of strength and hope to someone who needs it most.

By cutting my hair, it was really good for the health of my hair. I had so many split ends and damage from flat ironing it everyday. With my new cut, my hair looks and feels healthy.

So go ahead, do it. Cut your hair. Remember hair grows, and you may end up loving it.



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