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10 Years- An Insight into the People Behind Sorelli

As many of you know, Sorelli Hair Studio is coming up on its 10 years anniversary. It started with a staff of 10 in a little scruffy strip mall on US1, and has now grown to a staff of almost 50 in a free-standing building in Suntree. Rose & Grace grew the business with love and care and I know they are very proud when they unlock that door every morning. From the years of working as stylists for other salons, they took all the experience they had and put their hearts into making a place where creative individuals could come and make people feel beautiful.

You look at Sorelli Hair Studio and Spa today and see the success of two sisters from Long Island. But I look at that establishment and see blood, sweat and tears. Not everyone realizes the late nights and the sacrifices Rose and Grace made to create one of the top salon and spas in Brevard County.

You see my aunt and my Mom behind the chair and in the office and think wow, look at what they accomplished! And I agree with you. And behind the scenes, there are so many more people that make Sorelli the success it is. From the maintenance team – my dad, brother and uncle – coming when a light goes out or the lawn needs to be cut, to my Nonna sitting in the breakroom folding laundry on busy days to keep us from falling behind.

Or if you’re lucky, my Nonno walking the building talking to anyone who will listen. And I, working the desk and the office to support the dynamic duo and my family in this business. We have that salon engraved on our hearts and pumping through our systems. We work our asses off to create not only a beautiful spa but a team of people who want to work and grow as individuals and as a team.

You have heard the company refer to the staff and clients as “Part of the Sorelli Family”, and that’s more than true. Each new employee is thrown into the mix like an adopted family member. We share clothing and war stories about kids and boys. The staff is so much more than just employees to my Mom and aunt, which sometimes can create heartbreak and pain. But like any good family, we adjust and adapt to the circumstances and become stronger with every obstacle overcome.

When I was growing up, I learned that family was the most important thing. My best friend was my Nonna and I wouldn’t trade that for any number of sleepovers with the other kids in school. I feel beyond lucky and blessed to have been raised by the family I have.

They taught me how to love and be a part of something greater than myself. My family will do anything for each other, and even today being 1,000 miles away at school, I’m on the first flight home when they call saying they need me.

Growing up with a big brother taught me how to respect myself, and wrestle without getting into trouble with our parents. That also taught me that no matter what, I will always have someone devoted to me in this life and vice versa. Grace is not only my aunt, she is like my big sister and I would not want any other.

She was the person I confided in, stole clothing from, went shopping with, and later drove to work with. Someone once told me I was crazy to work for family, that one day I would grow to resent them, but they couldn’t be more wrong. While we do fight like any other family, we also come together and share a meal at the end of the day, friends forever and devoted to each other.

My Mother:  there are not enough words to describe this extraordinary woman. She is the strongest woman I have ever met. She works harder than anyone I know to keep her business strong and growing, her clients happy, and her family together. In the midst of all this, she always has time for me, for a talk, for comfort, for guidance.

Looking back at the past 10 years, we had our fair share of rough patches. No one is perfect and no relationship is either. The salon opened when I was 11 years old, going into my toughest years growing up. I would like to say I was a perfect angel, but that is far from the truth. Like any teen, I gave my mom a run for her money.

But no matter how busy she was, she always made time to listen to my mental breakdowns in the office even with a client processing in her chair. I started working at the salon when I was 13, because I secretly missed my mom and Grace. I didn’t know it at the time, but I learned more about how to run a business and manage people then any college or entry-level job would ever teach me.

I pen this open letter as an insight to our life. To show that this business isn’t all business. To give you the backstory to how Sorelli Hair Studio and Spa came to be. The Salon’s 10-year anniversary is an achievement that not every salon gets to celebrate. And I know that Rose & Grace feel so blessed to be celebrating it with you and the people who make it great. They wouldn’t be where they are today without the support and love of their loyal clients and devoted staff.

To all our current Sorelli Family Members, I am thankful for you all and the support you give us. And to all the past Sorelli Family Members, you will always be a part of my childhood and I wish you all the best.

Here’s to another decade of creating, loving, and supporting each other!

The very proud daughter and niece of the owners,


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